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         Thank you for your busy schedule to be able to read the following text, presumably these products allow you to select the boiler helpful.
          Lishui US-day Boiler Co. to "people-oriented, technology first, the quality of a brand, social services" for the purpose of "team work, innovation and progressive" spirit of enterprise. Production company set more than 20 years of boiler manufacturing experience, adhere to innovation, with a number of its own intellectual property rights, the introduction of a multi-series no one I have, I have excellent new generation of energy saving boiler.
          Companies are the main products are: oil-fired boiler, coal-fired boiler, electric heating boiler, organic heat carrier furnace, boiler smoke-free, energy-saving boiler nearly a hundred varieties, are high quality boiler steel, aluminum, stainless steel as raw material, the use of The most advanced boiler manufacturing process is refined, with advanced performance and unique structure, beautiful shape, the indicators of energy-saving and environmental protection features, quality and performance have reached the international advanced level, the factories, offices, schools, hotels, bathrooms, etc. enterprises with water, gas, heating, drying, ideal for disinfection. The company's existing Production: Lishui Songyang (a); Lanxi Haitian (two).
          Looking for a better future, to join US-day century, we are willing to work together with all the friends, let us have more blue skies!
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