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Intentions, endless
US-day century that: a qualified technician to test the product is not necessarily qualified products, customer satisfaction is the only truly qualified products. Customer satisfaction is always the goal of the US work day only, and only the user's perspective sake, in order to win the market.
Service is the key to enhance the brand value of US-day century, the United States and days with Century "philosophy nearest" service to users, there are products out of reach of the United States of days there, "Maintenance Center" in for your dedicated service. US-day introduction of the first century "4S" one-stop management services, provide users with comprehensive pre-sale, sale, service, as long as you can find a staff to solve customer needs throughout.
Four reassuring commitment
◆ Quality Commitment
Professional and leading technology, a full range of original spare parts, all kinds of advanced detection equipment to ensure the quality of each boiler maintenance.
◆ cost commitment
All kinds of maintenance costs, spare parts cost details, transparent, high-quality low-cost implementation of zero profit policies.
◆ Maintenance commitment
Develop a regular maintenance program, the monthly telephone interviews, quarterly maintenance, annual machine maintenance.
◆ Time Commitment
24-hour online service, a call, a (electronic) mail, a fax, Metan nearest maintenance center will be rushed to the scene and provide uninterrupted service until the end.
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