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CLHG series pressure hot water boiler structural features:
This series of coal-burning water heater made of high quality aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel. Mainly by the head, the boiler shell, furnace, furnace top, towering pipes, pipe tobacco, pipes and other cross-member, is for the use of bio-fuels, coke, anthracite and other non-flammable fuel specially designed combustion method using round hole fixed grate, furnace top layout radiation arch, reducing the furnace cooling, improve the combustion intensity. High temperature convection smoke pipe arrangements, increasing the convection heating surface, enhanced convection heat, the thermal efficiency of the boiler furnace have been greatly improved over conventional vertical hand burn. Multi-level air intake fan into the wind, and the air inlet baffle design, you can freely adjust the primary air, the secondary air flow of the wind, so the wind into the furnace of a more rational allocation to achieve complete combustion of the fuel effect.
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