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LDR series of small electric steam boilers Features:
1, management fees low: no handle boiler use permits, operators do not need to do work license to use the life of 8-year period, for the use of units to save administrative costs 15,000 yuan.
2, energy efficient: A new electric heaters, energy conversion rate, the thermal efficiency of 98%. (With 500 students of the school as an example: steamed two meals a day, 300 kg of water, power consumption is only 45 degrees every day, by 0.6 yuan per kilowatt basis, costs only about 27 yuan per day, well below the oil-fired boiler expenditures.)
3. Easy to operate: computer control, automatic thermostat, automatic voltage regulator, automatic replenishment, heating set to cycle, high degree of automation.
4. Safety: over-temperature, over voltage, over current, short circuit, water, phase six heavy protection, safety can be reliable.
5, environmental protection: no noise, no pollution, clean, a new generation of energy saving products.
6, widely applicable: for schools, hotels, enterprises and institutions canteen steamed rice, the supply of water use; also suitable for garment processing and washing ironing process industry use.
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