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New structure, small size, high thermal efficiency, dust emission concentration is far below national standards.

The series consists of five parts drum boiler, furnace, upper and lower tube plates, threaded pipe and other components, the combustion chamber is located in the lower part of the boiler, using side spray combustion technology and efficient heat transfer components threaded pipe, to maximize the complete combustion and thermal energy conversion to ensure that the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reducing the user's cost.

    Leak, overpressure, water level in all automatic control, safe and reliable, manual and automatic random switching, fault display can be preset boiler parameters as required, to the maximum to facilitate the different requirements of users.


1, the company developed vertical biomass pellet boiler electrical machinery automatic screw feeding device, mechanized fuel supply combustion, adding flue gas heat recovery economizer installed. Various types of indicators are below the national "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standard" (GB13271-2001) provides an alternative to the best products of electricity, oil, gas, coal-fired steam boiler. It is a highly efficient energy saving and environmental protection equipment. The boiler has the following characteristics:

l reasonable structure, large heating area, high thermal efficiency, combustion, pollution, low emissions.

l swirl combustion chamber using the original structure, so that the flame sufficiently disturbed, thereby promoting complete combustion.

l boiler control system adopts the international advanced technology CPL intelligent control unit and analog display technology.

l configuration can be adjusted in a secondary air, so air distribution more reasonable.

l high degree of automation: automatic water supply, automatic air, automatic supply of fuel (screw automatic feeding device), automatic chain protection.

l body with thick high-quality aluminum silicate fiber insulation materials. Little heat loss.



LHS series of fuel gas steam boiler technology parameter table


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