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LHC series boiler structural features:
I manufactured energy efficient anti-fired boiler with double grate, coal from the door into the grate, coal combustion in the grate, and small unburned coal particles leaking from the grate to the lower grate to finish burning , the high temperature flue gas exhaust and combustion of unburnt black smoke through the grate down into the furnace continues to burn the fuel to combustion, eliminating the smoke and reduces the concentration of dust emissions, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler combustion.
In addition, the rational design of boiler structure, full of heated area, can be fully absorbed by the heat of combustion, thereby greatly reducing the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
I manufactured anti-fired boiler has the following characteristics:
1, the use of double grate anti-burn technology, good smoke and dust effects;
2, simple installation, operation, use, easy maintenance; natural ventilation, in line with energy saving, environmental protection requirements;
3, optimized combustion technology, coal adaptability wide; sufficient convection, the heat transfer surface, high thermal efficiency, output foot;
4, sufficient vapor space to provide high-quality steam but also to meet the requirements of continuous steam.
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