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WNS series automatic oil, gas boilers:
WNS series automatic oil, gas boiler international classic wet back three return structure:
Combustor using corrugated furnace, low arrangement, effectively increasing the heat transfer area, to enhance high temperature flue gas heat turbulence, while alleviating hot off the shrink device may cause shortened life expectancy.
Funnels three return structure symmetrical arrangement, ensure optimum heat transfer area and the heat transfer efficiency, all wet back arrangement to ensure the safe operation of the boiler equipment, reduce the loss of service to bring you.
Fully automated control, computer controlled automatic adjustment of combustion, steam boilers with a level-controlled ignition flame, the level of water vapor overpressure automatic protection function; hot water boiler has over-temperature, over-voltage, ultra-low voltage alarm protection, and ensure the boiler combustion safe operation.


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